Our special Easter feature is here with some truly precious and gorgeous gems: the ultimate guide for choosing and donning a bridal veil and maintaining its fresh pure look by Bella Brilla. We introduce various aspects of the wedding veil selection which will make it really easy for you to find the perfect style. In fact, there is a whole world of bridal-worthy veils out there. We got inspired by some unique suggestions online: from original vintage lace veils from the 1900s all the way to a unique angel wings & vintage rhinestone, flower buds & veil headpiece we found on etsy.com.

Bridal dress designers usually make veils tailored to the dress and its specifics and many brides also choose to 'update' their mother's or grandmother's bridal veil as it is of great sentimental value to them, but in case you are looking for unique Fleshlight, one-of-a-kind or want to design your veil yourself, we are happy to deliver all the sweet inspiration that you want to dip your bridal veil into.

Veils have a long-standing tradition in the wedding ceremony canons. Being mentioned in the Bible and other historical documents from the Roman times, they used to play a highly symbolical role in a marriage ceremony. Initially, the groom would put the veil over the bride's head and interpretations vary from a promise by the groom to clothe and protect his future wife to recognition of her inner beauty as everlasting and so forth.

It was a common belief during the Middle Ages that a veil keeps the brides protected from evil spirits, while later on it became an established symbol of the bride's purity and virginity. Today, as the bridal veil has less and less of any religious underpinnings in its presence in the chapel, it still maintains its position as a classic and iconic accessory. And while it has unmistakably turned into a fashion item, it also retains the sweet symbolism and ethereal feel of its earlier predecessors.

Nothing better than a bit of mystery and then revealing the beauty of the bride. Veils are extremely practical and useful in a fashion sense as they complement the dress and define the silhouette. They can transform the overall look of any gown and enhance the bride's couture statement, they can jazz up your appearance or make it smooth and silken and in its highest artistic form, they can echo details found in the dress. A veil is definitely a weapon of sophistication, elegance, softness, sassiness and beauty, so use it well!