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My Wedding Day Survival Kit

Make-up remover wipes - In addition to removing your make-up after a long day these wipes are great for lifting stains from clothes and double as hand wipes if the finger food has made your hands sticky. Pop to the bathroom if you've been outside and clean any spots of dirt from your heels with a quick wipe.

Hand sanitizer - The queue for the bathroom can be miles long. If you just need to freshen up before eating some wedding cake pop on a little hand sanitizer and you're ready to enjoy the icing.

Safety pins - Hours of over exuberant dancing can weaken the knees and the seams of a dress. Make sure you have safety pins on hand just incase anything needs secured.

Roll up pumps - Those Jimmy Choo stilettos are gorgeous but by the end of the day your feet will be aching. Take a pair of roll up pumps in your bag and slip them on after your first dance. They'll relieve your aching feet and mean you can dance the night away without blisters.

Medicine - Take a small pack of paracetamol to relieve any aches and pains plus some allergy relief tablets incase hay fever or food allergies catch you unawares. Paracetamol is also great for headache relief the morning after the night before. Make sure you carry medicines in their packets and always consult the label before consumption.

A nail kit - Keep nail polish remover and a nail file handy incase you break a nail or crack your manicure. Clear nail polish is also useful for fixing ripped tights until you can get your hands on a fresh pair. Miniature polishes, remover and files are readily available at most chemists and supermarkets.

Other handy essentials include plasters, mints, tissues, a small mirror, hairpins and hairspray. Our best tip is to give each of your bridesmaids a miniature survival kit to make sure all eventualities are covered and you can just relax!