Choosing the right bridal veil starts with your wedding dress! After all, it's easier to adjust a hairstyle to a veil than a bridal gown to it. Unless you have a piece of vintage lace from your grandmother's chest that you know for sure you would want to use and that has to stand as a guideline.

Usually the decision flow is as follows: dress-veil-accessory-hairstyle etc.It is easiest if you order your veil with your dress designer as it guarantees the fabric, hue and design will be a perfect match to the dress. Also, you won't have to carry around your veil in your car to each fitting appointment.


However, if you're ordering your veil from a different designer/brand/shop, be sure to have a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress and ask for swatches of the veil fabric in case you're getting it shipped internationally. This would also mean that you need to develop a better understanding of the different characteristics of bridal veils so you feel confident in being able to find the perfect fit between your dress and the veil.


If you can't find the absolutely exact hue, always pick a lighter shade not a darker one. It will blend easily, light up your face and look better on photos. Designers often offer a range of other extras such as shimmer finish (as opposed to the regular matte one) etc. Make sure it works towards a harmonious look. Extra glitter and sparkle don't necessarily mean an enhanced look. The right place, amount and finish are essential!


There are three common widths: 54 inch, 72 inch and 108 inch. Naturally, the wider the material, all the more folds and fullness. The first width, sheer fullness, is popular with short lengths and perfect for dresses with elaborate bust panels or back details, i.e. to show off. The second one is fairly moderate as it offers more coverage around the shoulders. As might be expected, a centregathered cut is sheerer at the comb and so you can still keep both the volume and partial sheerness. The widest option offers the most volume on top and fits well with the greater lengths.