A key issue is where you place and secure the veil. A classical look finds a veil fastened at 1 o'clock, right back at the top of the head. Generally, pinning the veil up creates more volume and a traditional look, pinning it down at the back gives more creative freedom with the updo and achieves a more modern look.

The longer the hair, the more pinning options you'll have. Experts advise brides to stay away from long veils if they have short hair. It depends also on how much hair you want to show: it can mean moving the clips/comb position further back the more you want to showcase.

Heavy headpieces and multi-tiered veils require a supportive updo, if you want all your hair down shorter designs might be better suited. Blushers and birdcages are definitely more versatile as they allow for great variations in hairstyling.


Combining a veil with a headpiece, whether it is a comb, a tiara or a headband, is a winning pick as it allows the bride to: 1.place the veil with the accessory and fasten it more securely; 2. take off the veil after the ceremony and still enjoy the reception in a stylish hairdo&accessory. Mantillas are traditionally worn in Spain with an ornate comb, fountain veils ask for a simple touch, chapel and cathedral veils work well with headbands, while birdcages and blushers can accommodate something more extravagant.


Undoubtedly, there will be certain points of focus in your look, whether it is lace detailing or an encrusted bust panel, low cut back or intricate beadwork. The decoration aesthetic of the veil has to correspond with the aesthetic and level of adornment of the gown. We already mentioned veils can echo details from the gown. In case you have intricate handwork or panels going - pick sheer! The keyword is balance: if the dress is simple and streamlined, go for an elaborate veil and vice versa, no fussy details if the dress is dripping in crystals, pearls or beads. The edges of the veil are another element which deserves your attention as they can be anything from standard to mimicking lace details of the dress.