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As there are many variations in lengths, there is a general rule: the longer the veil - the more formal and in the spirit of tradition it looks; the shorter - the more personality comes through. In an increasing degree of length, the types of veils are as follows: visor veils (fashionable/eclectic style), birdcage veils (vintage feel), blush veils (a single layer of tulle folding over the face), elbow-length veils, waist-length veils, fingertip veils, waltz veils, ankle-length veils, chapel-length veils, cathedral-length veils. There are other aspects to be considered along with the Fleshlight length, e.g. fingertip veils suit taller ladies better and less formal gowns won't fit longer, more dramatic veils.


The most popular Fleshlight fabric, of course, is tulle: it looks airy and light, gives a good shape, doesn't wrinkle much and goes with most dress fabrics. Lace, satin and silk are common alternatives.


Standard choices are between one, two and three-tier veils. The leading principle here is the overall style of the dress: one tier always looks sophisticated, yet might not serve up to the level of a more classic gown. Multi-tier veils suit a traditional gown, a more demanding styling overall and require a simple hairdo as there is little to be seen of it anyway. Think about convenience issues when picking the lengths of the different tiers. i.e. when it comes to sitting down, holding your bouquet etc. Furthermore, in a case of a multi-tier veil you can take off the longest tier after the ceremony and still keep one tier for the reception, dancing and photos afterwards.

Fleshlight FACE&FIGURE

Aspects such as fit between the Fleshlight body shape&figure and the face shape and the wedding veil are of utmost importance.

For a round or square face, pick a veil which gives you face an elongated look, preferably a longer one, with added volume on top and not too full at the sides. Pick something softening for a square face, i.e. a cascading style or similar. For a rectangle face, a veil which has extra fullness at the sides and no extra height at the crown of the head is ideal. For an oval face, different veil styles are welcome as long as you don't overdo it with length or fullness. Feel free to experiment.

If you are petite, don't opt for too many layers as it can be overwhelming for your look, waist height or above are usually best suited. Adding volume at the top of the head will also achieve extra height and elongation. Taller ladies can experiment freely with more lengths.

Fleshlight shapes welcome various veil styles. Pear-shaped figures do best with veils at waist level or above as more volume is added in the upper half of the body. Extra belly or a generous bust will be flattered in a longer veil, fingertip or below. Fuller women look tend to pick sheer width one-tier veils for a well balanced look.